The Rapid Response Strategic Plan

Apparatus CARES focuses on assisting organizations with crisis management and strategic planning to mitigate the economic and organizational instability created by a sudden loss of revenue. Our services are designed to provide a comprehensive Rapid Response Strategic plan that encompasses all aspects needed to assist you in accomplish this goal. Therefore, we do not offer individual components of the stated services as this program is not offered as a temporary fix, but rather a roadmap to successfully navigate through unforeseen economic downturns. Our website does provide resources for organizations wanting to apply for emergency funding.

Your customized Phase I (Respond & Recover) Rapid Response Strategic Plan is completed within 30 days and will include a cash flow analysis, multi-scenario budges analysis, recommended crisis strategy, and workforce planning. After acceptance of the plan, we offer facilitation of the full implementation of the Rapid Response Strategic plan and follow-up with you throughout the implementation process. If you choose to secure Phase II (Thrive) you can receive the appropriate aligning of your financials and reconciliations of account balances among other long-term services for continued financial and organizational sustainability.

At Apparatus CARES, we understand the need for emergency funding and other measures to weather through a financial crisis. Our Rapid Response Strategy Team will work with you to determine if there is a need for accelerated action and will quickly begin the process with any applications for funding to get your organization through the crisis. This will occur simultaneously as we are working on the other components of your comprehensive plan. The most important action we need from you is to supply the requested information and documentation in a timely manner so we can provide you with expedient results.

We offer, with Phase II services, a thorough clean-up and reconciliation of your financial records. In Phase I, we will work with your current budget even if your books are not kept current. We will not be able to attest to your current financial status but we will provide the best estimate of where you are currently and provide you with some tangible information of where you are headed in next 30-90 days.

After your initial interview, and you have provided the requested financial and organizational documentation, our professionals take it from there. We may periodically request clarification or supplemental documentation, but these requests will be infrequent. You will need to plan on one to two hours for your Rapid Response Strategy Plan Presentation.

Phase I, our Rapid Response Strategy, includes cash flow analysis, multiple scenario budget analysis, application for emergency funding, recommendations for workforce strategies, and presentation and implementation of the Rapid Response Strategy Plan.

We will provide assistance with your workforce plan and that may include reduction in force, furloughs, telework, and workshare initiatives.

We will assist you with all eligible programs for which your organization is eligible. We cannot guarantee you will be awarded any loan or grant. We will provide you with a multi-scenario budget that will include adjustments in the event that funding is not received.

Apparatus Solutions is a strong, experienced team of professionals who understand the unique accounting, finance, and talent retention needs of the nonprofit community. We’re passionate about our work and consistently deliver exceptional value to nonprofit organizations. Our Rapid Response Apparatus CARES Rapid Response Strategy Team is comprised of highly competent experts in the financial, human resources, and organization development fields. By utilizing a team approach to addressing your needs, you are assured that your customized plan includes best practices in all of these disciplines to achieve success.

Our services and recommendations are tailored for the size of your organization. Each plan is customized to meet your needs and capacity.

Our timeline is based on our ability to analyze and recommend an action strategy for your organization to respond to any emerging financial and organizational crises. We encourage you to provide us with the necessary information as soon as possible so we can assist you. For your convenience, we have provided a simple method for uploading your documentation.

Our Apparatus CARES website provides examples of some of the components included in the Rapid Response Strategy Plan.

In Phase I, we assist you in determining eligibility for emergency funding and can facilitate application submission. We will also work with your financial institution regarding payment modifications to your current debt repayment.

Yes. We will have a designated liaison from the Rapid Response Strategic Team who will work with you to obtain the necessary documentation and keep you apprised of the progress of the Team.

Yes, we will make recommendations based on your current needs.

Your customized Rapid Response Strategy plan will include any recommendations for additional measures that may include outside legal or financial advice.

Our Rapid Response Strategy is designed to provide a comprehensive, short-term plan for the organization’s leadership, namely the CEO/Executive Director and his or her designee. We can make arrangements to present the plan to the board or finance committee as requested.

We will walk through the plan with you and any modifications that you deem appropriate can be incorporated in the final plan.

Our services are designed for virtual delivery. Through the use of technology, we can provide you with comprehensive services regardless of your geographical location.

We have confidence in our ability to meet your needs. Our ability to provide you with a plan that is comprehensive and appropriately structured depends on the completeness of the information and documentation that you provide. If you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know and we will work with you to address your concerns.

The services in Phase I are essential for new clients facing financial crisis. We can customize certain aspects of the service, such as identification and facilitation of applying for emergency funding. However, in order to provide you with the best possible outcomes, we recommend the use of all services in the Phase I Rapid Response Strategy. Subsequently, we can explore what Phase II services will best suit your ongoing needs.