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Crisis Management Solutions

Nonprofit organizations face uncertainty as they operate without a clear picture of their current cash positions, an appropriate assessment of potential lost revenue and vital budget adjustments, and are challenged to make tough decisions about their workforce.

They need critical information, advice and resources, and quickly. In response, Apparatus has developed the Apparatus CARES Initiative to help nonprofit organizations navigate all of these concerns.

the rapid response strategic plan

Apparatus has developed the Rapid Response Strategic Plan, designed to to outline and address the immediate, specific needs of your organization, devise and implement a strategy to meet them, and provide clarity and assistance to ensure you continue to prosper beyond this challenging time.



Apparatus can assess your organization’s immediate challenges and advise a Rapid Response Strategic Plan tailored to your situation.

We evaluate your organization’s cash flow situation, perform a multiple-scenario budget analysis, and help determine your eligibility for federal assistance programs.

We can also examine your current staffing situation and make recommendations based on your organization’s needs and resources.



Apparatus can also help your organization drive its mission well beyond the crisis.

With over 50 years of collective experience in nonprofit accounting, finance, and HR & talent management, we offer a full spectrum of solutions at a competitive cost and consistently deliver an exceptional level of service at great value to our clients.

We’re passionate about what we do, and dedicated to serving communities and the impact sector.



Apparatus offers compassionate outplacement services that provide individual career advising and assistance to employees who have been displaced due to the current crisis.

Our services help employees maintain dignity through the job search process by better understanding themselves and their unique skills and gifts.

They’ll learn how to focus their resume, leverage their individual talents and seek out new work environments in which they can thrive.

To connect with a member of our Rapid Response Team about our CARES Services and how we can help your organization, please use the contact form below.

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the impact community

Apparatus Solutions remains dedicated to using our expertise to deliver best practices, processes, and strategic thinking that bring exceptional value to all of our clients.

We are ready to help you navigate these challenging times and ensure your continued success.

Please contact our Rapid Response Team to learn how we can help your organization.